Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We are so lucky!!

We had a wonderful morning playing on the beach. This was one of our first beach days that Sarah was not putting handfuls of sand in her mouth. I feel so blessed to have this time with her........She is also feeling very spiritual today!!


DeHan said...

We miss that beach so much! Love those pictures

Sue Sabari said...

We just got our TUTU!!! I love it so much and I am sooooo excited to give it to Ava. I think I might need to order another one for Katie's little girl Lily. I will get back to you after I go to Germany. The box arrived a little squished and had a hole in it but otherwise I love thed the presentation!!! ALl of it, you pay attention to every detail...the ribbon, the leaf, the tag, it was so well put together.!! I am excited, can you tell, because I am using lots of these!!!!! THANK YOU for the fun gift. The monkey is so cute. Harper laughed and of course open mouthed kissed it, the usual welcome these days. Have a great holiday. xo Sue

sara :) said...

I am so jealous. I had to drive out in the snow to get to the grocery store this morning. Luckily it all melted by this afternoon.

Great pictures!