Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am sure that I will have many moments like today that make me "gulp" back some tears. We started having Sarah go to a babysitter for 2 hours every Wednesday so I can sew some tutus without having a "tulle party" all over the house. Well, the first time I took my little monkey she made it 1/2 hour...was crying uncontrollably and I had to pick her up......the next time she didn't want to go and was crying but I gave her a kiss and an extra kiss for her pocket to take out if she needed it while I was gone. This happened a few more times ,her not wanting to go but being okay after I left.............Well, today she couldn't wait to go and she is now at 3 hours and upon leaving today she gave ME a kiss for MY pocket and ran off saying "Bye, Bye wuv you Mama"...................."Gulp" .

Reflecting on my own childhood, everyday I brought a lunch from home my napkin had a kiss on it from my was comforting to know that I always had a spare to use through the day.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Tattoos Mama"

I hope I am not raising the next Miami Ink reality TV star.........The first thing Sarah wanted this morning ,after she got hold of a pen and drew all over her feet ,is "tattoos mama"!! Hopefully she always likes the temporary tattoos. I don't want to offend any tattooed readers but we are "ink free" around here not for any particular reason......I was always fearful of aging and having the tattoo look like %&%$ ........I like them on other people ...just not for me.

These fun , sparkly temporary tattoos came in my 3 favorite things package from Kelly!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I was tagged.......6 random things

My fun blog friend Grammy Staffy tagged me a few weeks ago with a MEME....still not quite sure what that stands for but the rules are for me to list 6 random things about myself and tag 5 other people to do the same thing......once people are tagged go to their blog and let them know they have been tagged and also let the"tagger" know when you have the whole thing is repeated......

Okay........6 random things about myself.....hmmmmmmm

1. I am a dork!! I like Neal Diamond music when I am in a bad mood and dancing in the kitchen to ABBA makes my day!!

2. I used to sing at weddings, church a few public the thought of it makes me want to throw up....with nerves.....
3. I kick myself all the time that I didn't learn to play the piano......(my MOM is a piano teacher...yikes)
4. I have had botox on my forehead and my husband said it made my face look "too weird" so I haven't for a long time.........not working (a "real" job) has a lot to do with it too....
5. I hate it when people feed pigeons or seagulls around me.
6. I meet once a month with other "Happiness Hour" listeners......that might be under
# 1" I'm a dork"

Here are my 5............................................................

If you love this picture...go and visit Art by Chrysti......she has a great blog and etsy store too...check it out!!

Friday Flashback

Last night I saw Mamma Mia with a girlfriend was so great......especially for you ABBA fans!!! If you are planning on seeing this movie I strong recommend seeing it with another female. It brought back SO MANY MEMORIES of fun times with this group of gals. Here we are at a 50's party back in %^&*$%. (a while ago). I have been humming ABBA music all also allowed some sun sunshine back in my aura after seeing BATMAN the day before. It was a good movie too but ....... dark ..........and I couldn't find any pictures of me dressed up like wonder woman after seeing it is all about girlfriends( past and present) and Mamma Mia for this Friday Flashback!
It was FABULOUS to have a girls night at the movies and this is the perfect "girl movie!!"

So sad.....

Randy Pausch passed away last night at the age of 47 leaving a wife and three children. He was known for his the inspirational way he led his life and in his final year he wrote The Last Lecture..........what a guy.......heaven just got a great new angel!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Attitude and Gratitude

I was listening ,last week ,to one of my favorite hours on the radio..........."The Happiness Hour" with host Dennis Prager. (AM 1170 10:00 am for those in the San Diego area) He had his Father on the radio for his 90th Birthday and he asked him what has made his life so happy for all these 90 years? Max (the father) said "Attitude and Gratitude" and elaborated on how you can control both of these things and if you have a good attitude and are always thankful for your life (even when times are hard) you will live a long happy life. If you haven't listened to a "Happiness Hour" should sometime....I bet you will like it!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lots of prayers needed for Tuesday

Please visit my friend Tonya....little Tuesday (and her family) need all the prayers they can get this evening and going forward.

The Winner is...........................

I will contact you today and see when I can come over and have a piece of cake....I mean, when,where and all those details.. CONGRATULATIONS and thank you all for posting . I hope to have another wonderful blogging year....maybe some more give-a-ways along the way!!

The way the winner was chosen is every post got a number.....and I went to and they generated the number 30. ( I took my Mom out of the drawing......we are going to have a bundt cake anyway when I go to visit Arizona in August....... it would have seemed kind of funny to have my Mom win. You would have thought I did this contest just so I could eat her cake!!)

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:30
Timestamp: 2008-07-22 14:27:38 UTC
Thanks for participating and have a WONDERFUL day!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Today is the last day!!

You have until midnight tonight to get a Nothing but Bundt cake as a gift from ME!! No strings attached just a cake from me for my 1 year blogging Birthday!!!

Go HERE to sign put your name in the hat............................................

Saturday, July 19, 2008

You are crazy to miss this one!!!!!!

ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT......scroll down and put your name in the drawing for a yummy cake!!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Flashback- Family

I received a wonderful card in the mail yesterday from my Aunt (Mom’s sister). Vacations to Montana to see their family were always an adventure..... packing up the family truckster and heading over to “Big Sky” country...driving speed limit in those days ( Dad still got speeding tickets once in the while). My Dad would dust off his cowboy boots and hat rub a little dirt on his face and pretend he was a lifelong cowboy. We would get to ride horses, motorcycles, snowmobiles and have long walks in the Montana Mountains. My Aunt is a very talented weaver…..I think she rubbed her love of yarn, wool and crafty projects on me without even knowing she was doing it. She always has a tapestry project going on at her house and seeing walls and walls of colorful yarn in her studio is a craftsters dream.

My cousins were a little older but very important in my development. They gave me a sense of who I am….feeling of foundation….they are “my people”. Since we have decided to only have one child I hope Sarah always feels likes she has "her people".

Thank you “Auntie Cow”…. I used to not be able to say Carol……I am sure she was thrilled to hear that in the grocery store while I was visiting. (Carol is also my middle name) I love you very much (your entire bunch too!!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This could be yours......Birthday GIVE A WAY!!!!

Okay, are you ready!!!! Since I am still on a FROSTING high I thought it would be a good time to announce my BIRTHDAY BLOG GIVEAWAY!! I have been blogging 1 year on July 22 and started Tutu Monkey about that same time. So, as a thank you to all of you that have "Topped your Noggins" with fabulous flowers and kept me company in the wee hours of the morning blogging I am giving away the best cake in the 8" chocolate bundt cake with they yummiest frosting you will ever eat from Nothing Bundt Cakes. I debated with giving away a raccoon for your living room but thought you would enjoy a cake much more!!
You are asking do I get this cake delivered to my door??? Post a comment on this post and I will have the drawing July 22. Post before midnight on July 21, 2008. I will be picking ,out of a hat , a name from all the names that post ....(only one post per person please). You are welcome to tell friends , post on your blog ....print in the church bulletin.....Check back on July 22 for the winner!!

Oh my.............again ...oh my...

Okay, the walking ( and exercising) switch has been flipped.....BUT ( should I say "BUTT") my eating has been horrible!!

Do you think I have a problem.......I started with one of Sarah's little spoons because I thought I would eat less.....but by the end of the day I resorted to the big soup spoon. Thank goodness this frosting is almost gone. I CAN'T have it in the house at least right now while I have no control of myself. I even threw this darn frosting away but after Sarah's nap yesterday fished it out of the trash. I am not that was just on top of paper.
OKAY.........Good EATING and EXERCISE START TODAY!! This is my Dr. Phil or Oprah moment right now....I am admitting I have a problem .....
Better run, Sarah needs more syrup on her kidding!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

oooo Pinta Pinafore

Would my little "Tutu Monkey" look cute in one of these......? Yup!! Check it out!

Pinta Pinafore Giveaway

Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Sweety, we are going to the BEACH"

My little ham loves to dress up....if she is not wearing her wool boots it is her winter hat. This gal needs some snow...?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Flashback

I am not flashing back too far in the memory vault for this one. It also isn't a "real" flashback but kind of....I am flashing back to almost peeing me pants when I saw this on the wall . This guy was waiting on the wall next to the woman's rest room in a restaurant on our vacation last week. Wouldn't he be fun to have hanging in your house somewhere?.........He is not alive anymore just in case you were wondering..
Have a great Friday to Seaworld !!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Feels like Christmas in July!!

oooooo I was so excited to get our mail Favorite Things Swap arrived while we were gone. I was so thrilled to get Kelly, the swap organizer, as my swap partner. She is so talented......I am wearing my apron now and LOVE IT!! Not only does Kelly have two young boys, husband and a dog but a lovely ETSY store and a second blog with a friend called Just Spotted.....I visit both sites daily! Thank you for such a fun package Kelly.....I felt like a kid opening a Christmas stocking .

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We're back!!

I feel like a crazy person........I haven't been on the computer (once for a few minutes) for 11 days and I am giddy to catch up with all my blogging pals , family and friends.

We just spent 11 days in ,mostly, Washington State...we had a day on Coeur d'Alene Lake in Idaho . For those of you looking for a vacation next year the Inland Northwest in one of the most beautiful areas to visit. We started in Spokane/ Coeur d' Alene and stayed a few days with my "self adopted" older sister. Then drove to Vashon Island . Our good friends were visiting from Germany and we were so lucky to spend 3 days with them and catch up and get that great bonding.....could have been the whole geoduck thing. A college friend joined us in Vashon for the day with her family and it was a very relaxing day. Off to Lake Chelan to see my college roommate and her wonderful family (few more days) and ended up back in Spokane and had a yummy salmon goodbye dinner with margaritas only SS can make. We caught up with old friends (missed a few...I am so sorry) and had such a special time. Thank you to all that we had a chance to see (and stay with).....we love and cherish your friendship!!
Here are just a few pictures from the trip......."Beach Family" & "Driftwood Kids" are on Vashon Island, "Happy Boat Girl" is on Cour d'Alene Lake and "Cheeeeeeese Mommy" is in Manito Park. I will post more later...just had "the blog bug" tonight.

Friday, July 4, 2008

So far so good!!

Happy Independence Day!! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sis too)