Saturday, September 26, 2009


(This is the bag I own and I LOVE IT!!)

My sweet friend Deb made the cover of Haute Handbags this month!!!
She has been such an insiration to me and I am blessed to know her. Her talent is endless!! What is so great about her bags is taking your photo , of say your great grandma......, and putting them on the handbags. What a wonderful Holiday gift.
I am so THRILLED for you Deb!!!!!!


Penelope Anne said...

FABULOUS! GREAT BAGS! Congrats to Deb!!!

Rita said...

Congratulation to Sweet Deb! You did it and your bags are amazing. Ciao Rita

Sandy Michelle said...

OMG the cover looks AWESOME! I'm sooo happy for her!!

my little buttercup said...

Holly Smokes! That is GREAT! I Love my bag!!!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

I too was so excited to see them there!