Friday, May 14, 2010

Defining A Movement

I really love this might too......enjoy.

(Thank you Val)

Happy Friday!!


Kelly said...

Thank you Dana. Perfect.

April said...

Thanks Dana! I love it now too.

Havefaith said...

Dana, this was the BEST!!!!
Oh so true.
I am so happy that you have such a beautiful network of Friends, that have Values and Dreams like this one.
I love you, Always,

sandra lee said...

Wow! Love that...I only hope I am displaying the best for my kids as my mom did for me. Hugs to you!

Valerie said...

Thank you, Dana, for listening along with me to Catherine's powerful words. Sometimes I don't think I do a very good Mom-job, but other days I think I'm awesome in the Mom dept. Just trying every day to bring it to the table and serve it with a smile... while all the while, keeping the grumbles in check!
xx, Val

Mommy Wis(h)dom said...

I totally tried to post this on my blog but couldn't get it all to work. I love this video. : )

Havefaith said...

Man Dana, I listened to this again tonight, and realized just how lucky we are to have our Sarah. I waited so long for you...........waited so long for your sister...........God has been Good! Love you Mom