Sunday, October 31, 2010

They both come to visit

The "NICE" witch........she basically lives here
but whew.......that "Not so Nice" witch visits
once in the while and can be a bugger.
Hope you had a nice Halloween!! ............Now bring on the Turkey!!


Suzi @ u2rblessed said...

Happy Halloween!

danielle said...

Adorable! Such an awesome costume! I'm with you.....bring on the turkey...and let's finish this semester!!!!!

Susie Homemaker said...

Yes!!! I am ready for favorite holiday of all. Scott actually agreed to let me cook this year...he always thinks it is too much work, but...I don't have to get up the next day at 3:00AM for work this year so yay!!!! I get to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner!
Wish you guys could be here to share with us!


Alliegatorfables said...

We miss Sarah(and you too) Allie loves Sarah's costume. Sher may be a witch next year:)

Grammy Staffy said...

What a cute little witch. I bet she was a hit on Halloween....really "Wicked"

I wasn't scared on Halloween...but the results of the CA election surely has me scared.

I hope you are doing well. Hugs, Lura