Wednesday, November 10, 2010


(Grandma Herma's 95 Birthday ...on our adventure this past summer..Sequim WA)

Yesterday, I got to meet one of my favorite fellas....Dennis Prager. He was in town doing his live radio broadcast and a special lunch. The minute I heard he was coming I bought tickets to the lunch and FINALLY got to meet him . I have been listening to his Happiness Hour for almost 7 years now. ......and it has really changed my outlook on life.

Today, I FINALLY got my golf clubs out again. I met a new friend that has been saying the same thing....."I really want to golf again" we are FINALLY making it happen!!

Hope you all are finding things that you want to do and DO IT!!
Which brings me to sad news......the sweet 95 year old woman, Grandma Herma, that we got to berry pick with this summer passed way. She will be missed by so many......her last words to me when I asked her what it was like to be 95 were..."don't hang around boring people that don't want to do things.....keep your mind and body active" I thought that was good advice. Thanks Grandma Herma for letting us spend some time with you.....and thanks Anne for sharing her with in peace.
Side note: If you haven't been to Brave Girls Club yet.....this is a good one!


Tamerie Shriver said...

So glad to hear that you are FINALLY doing the things you want to. And I'd say Grandma Herma's advice was spot-on: keep moving and that means your body as well as your mind!


Tamerie Shriver said...

And be sure to enter my giveaway!

TUTU Monkey said...

Grandma Herma was a pretty spicy...special woman!

Ed said...

Hello Dana, I am so glad that your picture with Dennis turned out well. I enjoyed sharing lunch with you and Sherry. Thank you very much for including me. I could not find your website but I found your blog instead. You have a beautiful family! It must be great to have your husband home after such a long deployment. I hope the rest of your "Dana Day" went well.
Take care,
Ed Morris

Havefaith said...

Oh Dana I loved the story about Grandma Herma. Her advise before passing was soooooooooo true. I am sorry for their loss.
AND Loved your picture with Dennis Prager....I am always excited when I turn on the radio and it is FRIDAY and Happiness Hour. Love you, Mom