Sunday, May 8, 2011

Holy Smokes!! Happy Mother's Day!!

I thought I would share with you the sweetest mom that I have run across in a long time. She is very busy, patient, loving, tiny bit cRAzY, and very crafty..............I can't wait to meet her new little babies. She is turning me around........I might just become a bird gal after all.

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mom (and my many mom friends and family)


Tracy Peck Mikesell said...

Happy Mothers Day Dana! Take good care watching over your little bird mother - very cute.

TUTU Monkey said...

TRACY PECK MIKESELL!!!!! Hey woman!! I want to talk with you........

Grammy Staffy said...

What a sweet little bird. Let us know when her babies hatch. We are home at last. It is good to be back in CA. Thanks for your prayers and support. I hope you told Sarah how much I enjoyed her cards...and yours too of course. Hugs to all of you, Grammy Lura

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Dana,
I read this post days ago and I left you a comment. I don't know what happened that it didn't get posted. Maybe I didn't copy the word verification letters right and it never went through...????
Oh well, Hello again. What a sweet little mother bird you have at your door step. Be sure to let us know when her babies hatch.

Thanks again for the sweet cards you sent me in the hospital. Tell Sarah that I especially enjoyed the ones she made for me.

I send my best to Paul, Sarah and you. If you ever get up in the Riverside area we would love to have you stop by.
Hugs, Grammy Lura

Havefaith said...

Thank you Dana, and so glad you had a Great Birthday with your friends. I have missed coming to TUTU Monkey.......loved your jumping on the bed. Makes me want to go jump on MY bed. hee Love you MOM......just fell and cracked my head..JOKING!!!!!!