Saturday, September 8, 2007

Not another TUTU Mommy.

My TUTU model wants a new contract.....she is willing to try on 2 tutu's within a half and hour period as long as we can play a long game of chase in between outfit changes. She is charging extra to have "Noggin Topper" and tutu on at the same time ....... her smiles are generally free but not consistent.

I participated in my second craft fair....not really a huge fair but "craft swap" was fun . I got to talk with some mom friends, that are very "crafty", and sell some of my "crafty" stuff at the same time. We are doing it the first Saturday of the month until January at It also gives Paul a chance to bond with Sarah for 5 hours ....and give me a break. Bye for now!....Don't think that "Pringles Project " isn't on my list of things to do.....


sara :) said...

Is there anywhere online to buy your tutus? I noticed your little profile says you're hoping to have your etsy shop up by then. I'd love to see all the stuff you make! :)

sara :) said...

So this is just the OCD in me but how did you come across my blog in the first place? (No snarkiness here--every once in a while someone I don't know will post a comment and then I become obsessed with trying to find out who they are and how they came to find me!)

I'll continue to check in on the status of ETSY. :)