Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"OUCH...Larry had nothing to do with it"!

Yesterday was full of "OUCH". This is a picture of the corner that jumped up and smacked Sarah in the face. She was devastated , confused and ANRGY...who wouldn't be...running at full speed, to have a corner jump out and hit you.....that "bad corner". Later in the afternoon we decided after our "OUCH" morning to go to a "Moms and Tot's" support group meeting ....which I may suggest, next time, we add Margaritas and have the husbands pick us up. We were in the room 5 minutes and Sarah smacked her face AGAIN with a mini M & M tube.....I don't know were it came from but I know I didn't enjoy any of the chocolate through this "OUCH". The finale of the play group was a Sarah smashing her fingers in the piano with the help of a terrified little boy......he thought he killed her. Well , we made it through the day and the green marks on Sarah's sweet little face are almost gone....we have had enough "OUCH" for a while.