Monday, October 5, 2009


This sweet thing turned 1 last week and I had the privilege of making her birthday tutu.
I had not met this little girl before but turns out her Mom is a hair stylist . While delivering the tutu last Friday she got a load of my horrible haircut /Elvis color job and came to my rescue. Nothing I can do about the color except attend a Joan Jett look alike needs time to get healthy again. Mary came to my rescue....what crazy timing.......thank you Mary!!!!!


Tamerie Shriver said...

What a cute little girl!

my little buttercup said...

Very cute! Everything happens for a reason.

Havefaith said...

Sweet picture, cute girl and tutu.
I am so glad your blog worked today.
Ever since your hair turned black, I could not sign on.......
Enjoy Renee and kiss my darling grandkids for me, Love you,