Thursday, July 22, 2010

Days 14,15,16,17....18

Yes!! I have a bird on my finger.......many of you know I don't like birds but this little guy was pretty friendly!!
Playing with friends on their front morning...........amazing house!!
Coeur d' Alene Lake with my dear friend Miss V!!
Lazy day on the front porch ........catching our breath for a day
More visits with great friends!
Would love some of our California buddies to see this fun slide in Spokane, Wa.


The Attic Girls said...

I guess I wasn't paying attention earlier but this little vacation isn't going to run into next year is it? heehee..I'm kidding of course...and a little jealous! Is Sarah getting antsy to come home?

my word verification is made me giggle.

DeHan said...

We have stopped at that side. It is a great one! Glad you are still having fun!

TUTU Monkey said...

Sarah is getting a little tired of getting in and out of cars.......Mama is getting a little tired of Sarah being tired....;)

Suzi @ u2rblessed said...

That is a great slide, looks like a fun trip!

Phil/Sharon said...

What a pleasant surprise! Lili is still looking for Sara.

Phil said...

The photo of the Radio Flyer wagon here in Spokane, looks like a scene from: "Honey, I shrunk the kids!"