Thursday, January 31, 2008

Giving Thanks

I had a tough morning this morning.....nothing major just many little things that were piling up. With my crabby mood in tow and a funny little monkey singing the "la la" song in the back seat we ended up at the beach. I really had to shake myself and be thankful for not only my fun , spirited little duaghter but for living here. I saw so many people getting off the tour bus and having 1 or 2 hours to soak up the beach and I can walk here every day. I am healthy.....I am loved and I am very grateful for my took a tour bus of people to snap me out of my mood today......and I thank them.


Randy, Tonya, Jayden, Marisol & Flynn said...

oh hon, I'm sorry you were in a funk, so glad you snapped out of it though. If you ever need to chat you know where to find me.

Saina said...

How true... Your blog post was my "tour bus"! So thanks!!

The Ekstroms said...

What a beautiful little girl. I have been looking in on your blog as well! Sue also keeps me posted on how you and your family are doing. Loved your gold fish comments, I understand. We dont have them in our house anymore.

Take care

Anonymous said...

so jealous.We live in Mn and it was -30degrees with the windchill here. Uggh.
I enjoyed visitin your site!