Sunday, January 13, 2008

Such a HAPPY little girl!!!

We spent this afternoon taking pictures of Sarah in new "Noggin Toppers" for my shop and in cute little onesies for a friend of mines etsy shop ( Deb makes wonderful shabby chic.....vintage inspired cloths. Sarah loved saying "cheese" today . I just had to share this picture......Sarah is such a happy little girl.....her joy for life is very contagious.


Saina said...

Sarah is so adorable! I'm a fellow MTSD mom (found a link to your blog on Tonya's), although we haven't met yet. I love your blog! There's a link to my blog under my profile.
Your Etsy shop is too cool. I'd be in trouble if I had a little girl!!!

Saina said...
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Sue Sabari said...

Dana. She is so beautiful! I love the jazz hands pose.