Sunday, August 10, 2008


In honor of the Olympic Games we spent the entire morning swimming.......okay, maybe it was to wear Sarah out so she will take a good nap......but she has enjoyed watching the swimming.

Cross you fingers that Mommy and Daddy win the the Gold today in NAPPING!!!


{Anissa} said...

My little want take a nap any more -- So he is up at 8:30 and in bed at 8:00 LONG day -- really long now since we started school -- It is hard keeping up with him while I'm teaching the other 2. So I get up around 7:00 to get thing done before he gets up. Did she take a nice long nap? I so wish Aden did.

Grammy Staffy said...

She looks like a winner to me.... cuter than any of the girls I'm watching swim in the Olypics.

How did nap time go? Did you get the gold?

TUTU Monkey said...


TONYA said...

You won a silver. Not bad. Not bad at all. Wish I could win a gold once in a while.