Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"That's what friends are for..........................."

Some Fabulous Friends got together last night to celebrate the Birthday of a special friend. I think she was surprised? .......I can hear Elton and Dionne singing......"that's what friends are for" right now. I am so blessed to have friends that come together for the WONDERFUL and the "not as wonderful" moments in life.

We all agreed ,since most of us wore black last night ,
our next outing we are going to wear white............
I am suggesting we all get an outfit like our server?
for me if we all agree on this outfit!


Alliegatorfables said...

I can't believe you snapped a photo of my buns. The Shred has really paid off for me!! Catch up sista!!

my little buttercup said...

Oh crap Stacia... i was just going to write that!!!

Dana I believe prom trumped white night. Especially since we all seem to have prom dresses but would need to go out and buy something white.

TUTU Monkey said...

No votes for the special "server" outfit????

Tamerie Shriver said...

Looks like you had a blast. And I agree, it is wonderful to have good friends to share the good, and the not-so-good, times with. On another note, I still need some kind of a photo from you so that I can do you Pay It Forward gift. Otherwise, I go to Plan B, which is what I had to do for Deb's. Or if you'd rather I go with Plan B just let me know.


* TONYA * said...

I can't see myself fitting into anything white or prom looking by then. Oiy. Lordy. Must start shredding, stat.

So much fun last night. Happy birthday Karie

Havefaith said...

How special, and a moment you will always remember.
I love your hair Dana,
Love Mommy

Tink said...

I love that song. Great picture and great times! A lot of friends showed! I thought your server was going to moon--looks like she was half way there! :)