Thursday, April 2, 2009


This post will put a new meaning into
"CUTTING LOOSE in your Career Club Skirt"
Well, we are moving......just down the street but still a pain in the rear. I think the change is stressing Sarah out a little bit. 2 days in a row while friends have been watching her she has gone # 2 in her underpants....while playing (not like her at all). I asked her why she wasn't telling people she had to go potty........"Mommy, I having too much fun to stop playing......" . Let's just say I am glad this is something that people grow out of or all those fun nights out on the dance floor would have been much different. I can also imagine a fun game of Cranium going in a really wrong direction.


Susie Homemaker said...

Poor Sarah...She has incredible parents...she'll be okay. But, I too am glad we all grew out of that...twister came to my mind...eeewww! You always make us think of things we shouldn't have to!

Love it!!!

Grammy Staffy said...

Ahh Dear Dana,
How did I leave you out of my Friend award list???? I just knew I was forgetting someone I wanted to add. I didn't remember until I saw your comment today. Shame on me. Please come back over to my blog and pick up your Bolg Friends award...It is there for you today because you surely are a dear blog friend to me.

Moving is such a pain!!!! Good Luck....and good luck with little miss Sarah. I can't wait to see pictures of your new home.

I am sending love and don't forget to come back over and get your award. Grammy Lura

Kelly said...

You know I truly love your wacky brain, truly I do. And where on Earth do you get these pictures--------perfect and priceless.

Good luck with the move. Moving sucks and the kiddos do feel the stress, things will get back on track soon. Give Sarah a big squeeze for us.

April said...

Poor Sarah! I remember when Aiyana had a couple of those I was too busy accidents! They were both at Java Mama. HA! I hope all is going well with your move! See you soon!

danielle said...

Oh no poor Sarah!!! That stinks :) You're too clever when it comes to finding these funny crazy pics!!! Good luck with your move.

my little buttercup said...

Poor Sarah, it is hard for little kids to understand.

Hope you are able to settle in a little weekend.

* TONYA * said...

awww, poor little Sarah.

Hope the move is going well. We miss you.

Tink said...

Oh man! I feel for ya (and her too). It IS just too darn fun to give up what you're doing and sit on the pot. I hope the move won't be too stressful!