Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't look now

.....soon we will be hanging ornaments on trees and shoveling snow.......oh yeah I live in San Diego.....scratch the snow part. I just can't get over how fast time goes. A few of my friends have talked about time. One would like to freeze everyone else and catch up on her projects (I vote for that one too) the other one had a great quote talking about raising kids "days are long days but the years are short" true .

" Miss Sarah Syrup" goes to a babysitter on Wednesdays for 3 hours...I think on that day my husband should take this computer with him to work......too much TIME is sucked through this screen......but I LOVE IT. Well , it is "Time" to go wash the syrup out of Miss Sarah's sheets.....that little sneak.


Havefaith said...

Who did the eyes Dana, very good!
I love your picture on this page.
I am very very proud of you and all that you do honey,
Love you, Your Mommy

Alliegatorfables said...

I am proud of you too Dana-I think you are AWESOME!!! Your friend!

Rhonda said...

Miss Sarah Syrup is so funny. I hear you on wasting time on the computer. I always tell myself I am keeping my tech skills current.

Yeah... that's what it is. Tech Skill certification.

TUTU Monkey said...

Rhonda....that makes me feel much better...:) Thanks