Friday, May 8, 2009

Back to cupcake class..........

Sarah turned 3 this week and we celebrated today in the park. Steve from Hullabaloo helped the kids get their groove on. Sarah and her buddy helped frost the cupcakes.......(taking after Mommy's love of frosting) . I was going for the dramatic hot pink and orange cupcakes.....which was good......but the cupcake glitter .....Hmmmmmmm.
I apologize for the icky tasting edible glitter
it tasted HORRIBLE.
When we got home my husband thought maybe I pulled it from the wrong shelf and that it was crafting glitter. Sorry to all that ate them. Martha would be so disappointed .
Live and learn I guess.

We have been so blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends . Since we are only having one child I appreciate the friendship Sarah is sharing with all of you and your sweet kids.
I am getting an early start on Mother's Day.....I am about to break the news to my husband from this moment on I am relaxing until Monday!
Thanks for monkeying around with us today!!!!!!


Janis said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! We had so much fun today - you sure know how to throw a party. And Jack thought the frosting and glitter was the best part of the cupcakes! :)

The Attic said...

Tell Sarah the lady from the store says Happy Birthday. :) She's such a little doll!

Ashley said...

Jayda loved the frosting too...she licked it all off and gave me the actual cupcake back :) We had a great time, congrats on #3!! You did a great job, it was sure fun! And I was dreaming about fruit-kabobs all night!

Havefaith said...

Grandma Faith was sooooooo sorry to have missed such a Special Birthday!!!!!! But our thoughts were with you all week, preparing for the event. Happy 3 Sarah Gene Love you Grandma and Dick!!
Now Relax Dana on Mothers Day

Nat said...

Glitter? I think I ate mine too fast to notice any glitter. Anna just sat next to me and shared like a little bird with her mouth open, so I don't think she noticed either... ;-)

* TONYA * said...

I'm with Nat, we ate ours way too quickly to notice and we thought they were a hit. You sure know how to throw a party.

Happy birthday Sarah.

my little buttercup said...

Ha, ha, Kaylee talked about the "icky" cupcakes all night...Just kidding! She never noticed a thing, and either did Charlie! The party was great!

danielle said...

Char and I didn't notice, she ate one...and I ate two :) They were so beautiful too. Happy B-day Sarah, congrats on the big three!!!

Barley Family said...

So sad we missed such a fun party and celebrating with you guys! It sounds like you had a great time. (sorry your cupcakes didnt turn out so well, but I'm sure the kids didnt notice a thing!) :)

Give Sarah a big birthday hug from us! mr. Will was very bummed he missed out too!

Havefaith said...