Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good Bye January!!!

Is it gone?......January 2010......ADIOS!!!
I hate to wish time away but I couldn't wait for January to be OVER!!
Tutu Monkey Creation...( little self promotion...just so cute )
Pat's play horses

This is how I feel about February!!

I met this talented gal, Pat, at Mermaid Mercantile last Sunday. She makes these adorable play horses. I think they would be so cute for photo sessions with your children. They are really soft and each of them have their own personality.

I am also showing off one of my cute creations!! This Cherry Creation is one of my favorites!! It will be available in my etsy store later today....


my little buttercup said...

Ahh, yes, adios january! Cute cherry top, and play horses.
Hopefully I will get to see you Thursday. I will call to work out details.

kristin said...

love the cherry outfit dana! good thing i'm so far away...that will definitely help with my temptation to buy everything you make! :)

Rita said...

So nice to see you again in Solana! Love the tutu Ciao Rita

Valerie said...

That is the cutest tutu, Dana! I love it! Dang it, I had all boys. This is exactly what girls of mine would be wearing!

Alliegatorfables said...

Hey...why didn't you get your 11 in the photo? Miss ya and February 1st kind of sucked for me:)

Havefaith said...

DANA!!! DID you give her my picture as a model????? hee
Everything is so cute and refreshing...........YES Thank God, for February......we need sunshine in Arizona too.
Love ya, MOM

Havefaith said...


Grammy Staffy said...

I can't believe it is Feb. already. I love Feb.
Your tutu is so cute. You are so talented. Hugs, Lura