Monday, February 22, 2010

Princess Etiquette

We surprised Sarah with a 2 day trip to Disney. She didn't know where she was until we ended up at the park doors on Sunday morning. She was so thrilled. The first day we basically hung out at "the castle" and "It's a Small World" ride......(kind of a freaky ride after 4 times). On our fourth and final time she yelled to her Daddy (from the little boat to the him waiting on the sidewalk)
"I want to live in this ride"!!
I am not sure about "princess etiquette"
but Sarah expressed her frustration with Jasmine that she hadn't met Ariel yet.


Karie said...

Ha, Ha :) Super fun!! I can't wait to take Tati to Disney Land!!!She would be super sad too if Ariel wasn't there too (she's her favorite) :( It's a small world ride IS freaky... I've only been on it once (I was 18 at the time) and it was really weird... But maybe you just have to be an ity bity pricess to really enjoy that kind of thing!!

Karie said...

"princess" :)

Janis said...

So did she not get to see Ariel at all?? I guess that's an excuse to go back! :)

Havefaith said...

So cute so cute love Grandma Faith xoxoxox

The Attic said...

I can't wait to hear all about it in person. Don't wait too long to bring her by for a visit!


Barley Family said...

I wonder if that is Jasmine's "winter" outfit or if they changed it after Anika's fasination with her tassles?

Glad you guys had fun!!

my little buttercup said...

I am glad you got to go before Paul has to leave!

We could have high-fived on the way out.

Or maybe you saw Kaylee singing "It's a Small World" with the million other kids (she would love to live there too (my ears are still ringing from that ride).

Talk soon

Grammy Staffy said...

I am glad that you had such a fun trip to Disneyland....and where was Ariel?

I love Sarah's sand castle!
Hugs, Lura