Thursday, September 25, 2008


5 Reasons we are having a great day!

1. We joined 5 friends at the Children's Museum.

2. Painted the Volkswagen again....a mustard green color.

3. Took a ferry ride and continued the story of "Allie Gator", "Sarah Pancake", "Stacia Syrup" and "Dana Donut"....oooo a donut sound yummy right now.

4. 2 of our friends (twins Flinn and Marisol) were having Birthdays today....Yeah being 2!! Check out Tonya's blog....... She deserves a medal

5. Played the game "whack a mole" in the fabric tire bouncing room.


Barley Family said...

Looks like another great time at the museum! :) Bummed we couldnt cover ourselves in paint today!

oº˚ Queen Bee Anissa ˚ºo said...

Oh how fun! Wish we had stuff like that around here. Loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing -- Much Love --

rayraygirls said...

You forgot
6. I am a fab mama
7. I have a fab child
8. and some fab, fab, friends!

Love ya!
had a blast!

Ashley said...

LOL F!!!

I am so glad you guys had a great time! How special that you guys got to help celebrate Marisol and Flinn's birthday!! We are so going next time you fab momma's decide to go!