Friday, January 8, 2010


A year of new adventures.
My husband is deploying later this year for 6 months so I am planning lots of little adventures with the Tutu Monkey. Here we are today planning them out.

We are finally back to normal....stomach flu is out of here!!
Sarah kissed her mini pancake yesterday and told me she missed and loved them SO MUCH!!


The Attic said...

Oh gosh..I love that picture of you two! Glad to hear the flu buggie is gone..sorry to hear your husband has to be gone so long. :(

Havefaith said...

What a peaceful picture. YOU must tell the story of the 46....I have received so many funny comments Dana.....soon Sarah will be your partner in business, not only in life. Love ya, Mom

Tamerie Shriver said...

She's a keeper! And if you get tired of her, send her over to me! Kids really do say the darnedest things.

Rita said...

Hi Dana,
plan a day in Rainbow, Sarah would love to play with my chickens (seriously)and pick the eggs. Love your photo with her. See you at the end of the month

Mobileholmes said...

Back pictures are ALWAYS the best:*) And especially ones of little girls with their mom!
We have one of the three of us, sitting at the water in Bremerton, hanging in our bathroom. Maybe you can take a trip to see Anne and the kids????

Valerie said...

You guys can always head over to my house for some fun and a change of action. My boys and my doggie Lola will put Sara through the paces! Sorry to hear you are a bit down, so let's find a way to cheer you back UP!
xx, Val