Monday, January 25, 2010

Moving Day

Moving day ceremony

Moving day breakfast...puppy loves cereal!

One of the movers took our picture.........

Well....I tried to put my head in the sand and pretend the day was not going to come
but......darn it did.
Saturday our good friends and cross the street neighbors moved ( only 2 hours away...whew). We will sure miss popping over to visit , afternoon bike rides and instant play dates.

there is Good news!!

We know where they live!!


Alliegatorfables said...

Hahahahahahaha.....I love it. Give P a big smoochie from R:)

linda said...

Our neighbors across the street, and best best buddies, moved a year ago December. I still look at the house and think they should be there, not the new people. It's still very strange.

Luckily your friends aren't moving far. Have you met your new neighbors yet? Hope they have a little daughter for Sarah!

Janis said...

Awwww. *sniff*

Havefaith said...

I know this is a Happy, Sad time.
New beginnings, and goodbyes, but happy memories, and knowing that you will still be lifetime friends but just a little longer Dana's Mom Faith

danielle said...

Ahhh so sad for you girls, but you're right at least you know where they live...can you say ROADTRIP!!! Yay!!!

Karie said...

love the pictures... Sad for you my sweet friend... saying goodbye is never easy for anyone! xoxo

Grammy Staffy said...

It is hard when friends move away. I hope that you can get together with them once and a while. You will just have to make a plan and do it.

By any chance did they move near Riverside? If so, maybe we could meet you when you come to visit them. I don't mind crashing their party!

I hope the new neighbors turn out to be good friends too.
Hugs, Lura

sandra lee said...

Ahhhh, what a great picture! Now you all can do roadtrips to see eachother and how much fun is that??????????
See you sunday!

Sandy Michelle said...

Aww that's sad but you guys will always keep in touch! Our friends/neighbours moved 2 years ago and we always hang out together and the girls have sleep overs. That picture -with everyone talking- is too cute!!

Proud mommy of Two said...

Super cute pictures! So sad to see them go. At least they are only 2 hours from you!