Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Flashback- Family

I received a wonderful card in the mail yesterday from my Aunt (Mom’s sister). Vacations to Montana to see their family were always an adventure..... packing up the family truckster and heading over to “Big Sky” country...driving speed limit in those days ( Dad still got speeding tickets once in the while). My Dad would dust off his cowboy boots and hat rub a little dirt on his face and pretend he was a lifelong cowboy. We would get to ride horses, motorcycles, snowmobiles and have long walks in the Montana Mountains. My Aunt is a very talented weaver…..I think she rubbed her love of yarn, wool and crafty projects on me without even knowing she was doing it. She always has a tapestry project going on at her house and seeing walls and walls of colorful yarn in her studio is a craftsters dream.

My cousins were a little older but very important in my development. They gave me a sense of who I am….feeling of foundation….they are “my people”. Since we have decided to only have one child I hope Sarah always feels likes she has "her people".

Thank you “Auntie Cow”…. I used to not be able to say Carol……I am sure she was thrilled to hear that in the grocery store while I was visiting. (Carol is also my middle name) I love you very much (your entire bunch too!!)


Sonya said... great to have a "clan"! And how great to be able to pull those memories out of a hat to enjoy later on!!! do you do that to your pictures? I love the way you do that to all your pictures!

Take Care and hope you are all doing well! Much Love Girl!

TUTU Monkey said...

It is on my window's picture thing that I add the cations. That helped huh?

First I add a shape and next I add text....I think you can find this on picassa and photoshop too.

Are you going to Arizona Sonya?

TONYA said...

What a great photo and such great memories.

You can do the pics like this on Picnik too.

Grammy Staffy said...

sweet memories and a sweet post

I love the old picture