Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Tattoos Mama"

I hope I am not raising the next Miami Ink reality TV star.........The first thing Sarah wanted this morning ,after she got hold of a pen and drew all over her feet ,is "tattoos mama"!! Hopefully she always likes the temporary tattoos. I don't want to offend any tattooed readers but we are "ink free" around here not for any particular reason......I was always fearful of aging and having the tattoo look like %&%$ ........I like them on other people ...just not for me.

These fun , sparkly temporary tattoos came in my 3 favorite things package from Kelly!!


TONYA said...

oh my. It's just a phase, I'm sure. Jay went through this for many years.

Ink free here too ... I'm just a big wuss and am scared LOL

Erin said...

Cute tattoos! Caityn's been talking all about her butterfly tattoo she got today.

DeHan said...

Careful! ASk Sue about her great idea to get a tattoo. That is paying off nicely!