Friday, July 4, 2008

So far so good!!

Happy Independence Day!! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sis too)


TONYA said...

If I could use green on my type I would. Mikes, knitting and water. So so jealous. Happy 4th of July to everyone. We had syrup in your honor this morning.

Sonya said...

Can I just say how jealous I am!!! I spent my morning at the grocery store with all the other maniacs!!!! Now I could use some of what you are doing! Love love, love it!!! Happy 4th and enjoy your day!!!!

Grammy Staffy said...

Looks great. I hope you had a nice 4th. Ours was fun but not quite as restful as yours. We went to the Angel's game and fireworks our family and 44,000 of our closest friends.

What are you knitting? I love the color.

Havefaith said...

Hi Dana, Paul and Sarah Gene,
Oh how relaxing this looks.
Can't wait to see your finished hot pink!!!
We had a relaxing 4th!
My 4th of July Firecracker was in Flagstaff Arizona.
Love hearing from you on your blog.
Love you,
Mom/Grandma Faith

Anonymous said...

Wow, that picture says it all, wish we were there!

Mobileholmes said...

Wow...a Mike's, knitting and the water...doesn't get much better than that!

Rhonda said...

Peter's birthday is on the 4th too.

I love your post picture here. I am a little jealous.

So... Arizona the 14? 15? Which works for you? Both? This is not a quick trip so I am trying to make it work for Linda, Sonya and you... those in Arizona will be fine with either date.

Email me if you can. We will go from there..

rayraygirls said...

you think you are pretty cool, don't ya? Well, you are! Can't wait till you gals get back so we can all play.

my little buttercup said...

Ummm, alright can you come back home now, we miss you.