Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am sure that I will have many moments like today that make me "gulp" back some tears. We started having Sarah go to a babysitter for 2 hours every Wednesday so I can sew some tutus without having a "tulle party" all over the house. Well, the first time I took my little monkey she made it 1/2 hour...was crying uncontrollably and I had to pick her up......the next time she didn't want to go and was crying but I gave her a kiss and an extra kiss for her pocket to take out if she needed it while I was gone. This happened a few more times ,her not wanting to go but being okay after I left.............Well, today she couldn't wait to go and she is now at 3 hours and upon leaving today she gave ME a kiss for MY pocket and ran off saying "Bye, Bye wuv you Mama"...................."Gulp" .

Reflecting on my own childhood, everyday I brought a lunch from home my napkin had a kiss on it from my was comforting to know that I always had a spare to use through the day.


{Anissa} said...

That was so sweet -- don't you hate when they say by mama -- That would break my heart. My baby girl was never like that even when she went to school she would cry she wanted to be with mom.

Heidi Zawisza said...

Oh, that is soooo sweet!

DeHan said...

Wow. Last Fall, I put my kid in preschool in a foreign country in a school where they only speak German and told her to be brave! I could have used this kiss idea a year ago!

Havefaith said...

Hi sweetie,
I remember kissing your napkin.
I miss you so much, I wish I could kiss it today...........but I get to see you before too long.
love you,
Mommy............xo this is for your pocket

Rhonda said...

Sweet memories with the napkin and a kiss.

Sarah sounds like she found her place over there. That's good for you that you have a little time to do the tutu's.

Can't wait until the 14th.

rayraygirls said...

too cute. you are kinda making me gulp right now. Our babies are growing up too quickly.


Tanya B. said...

That will be such a wonderful story for her to hear someday -- when she has her own little monkey :-) -- it gives you a heart-breaking gulp now, but later it will be a treasure for both of you, I bet.

TONYA said...

Oh no, I feel so sad for you. I dread the day when my little bugs go to daycare or preschool.

Misty said...

How SWEET is that.