Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We're back!!

I feel like a crazy person........I haven't been on the computer (once for a few minutes) for 11 days and I am giddy to catch up with all my blogging pals , family and friends.

We just spent 11 days in ,mostly, Washington State...we had a day on Coeur d'Alene Lake in Idaho . For those of you looking for a vacation next year the Inland Northwest in one of the most beautiful areas to visit. We started in Spokane/ Coeur d' Alene and stayed a few days with my "self adopted" older sister. Then drove to Vashon Island . Our good friends were visiting from Germany and we were so lucky to spend 3 days with them and catch up and get that great bonding.....could have been the whole geoduck thing. A college friend joined us in Vashon for the day with her family and it was a very relaxing day. Off to Lake Chelan to see my college roommate and her wonderful family (few more days) and ended up back in Spokane and had a yummy salmon goodbye dinner with margaritas only SS can make. We caught up with old friends (missed a few...I am so sorry) and had such a special time. Thank you to all that we had a chance to see (and stay with).....we love and cherish your friendship!!
Here are just a few pictures from the trip......."Beach Family" & "Driftwood Kids" are on Vashon Island, "Happy Boat Girl" is on Cour d'Alene Lake and "Cheeeeeeese Mommy" is in Manito Park. I will post more later...just had "the blog bug" tonight.


rayraygirls said...

we are so happy that your trip was fabulous. But, we sure are glad you are back. missed ya, girl!

Saina said...

Nice to see you back! Great pictures. Sounds like a great vacation!!!

TONYA said...

I'm so happy that you are back. What a wonderful vacation you had. Love the 'driftwood kids' pic, that is fabulous.

Sonya said...

Welcome home!!!! It hasn't been the same without you! :) What wonderful pictures and absolutely love the first picture of the 3 of you! :)

Havefaith said...

So happy to have you back!
The pictures made me miss the beautiful Northwest............but we will go next year to a Class Reunion for LC..........50th Reunion.....I don't feel that old!!!
Can't wait to see you in Mesa Arizona next month. Love you MOM