Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hanging out in our PJ's this morning

Well, it was sad to see our company leave......back home to Boston. We had a wonderful visit. Sarah got some bonding time with her Uncle Maak (just like a little girl from Boston...no "r") and Grandma Babwa......(again no "r"). We have been on the "go, go, go" f0r 10 days............we are putting our feet up and hanging out in our PJ's today.


domestic bliss said...

Thanks for popping by!- Yes- you will have to come in and see our new place when you come into town!
Adorable little cuties you have on here!-

Bre said...

I LOVE PJ Days!!

Sonya said...

Gotta Love jammie days!!!!! How fun!

TONYA said...

ha ha ha, love that she's wearing her bangle son her ankles. She's such a little ham. Big hugs to Miss Sarah from Auntie T.