Friday, May 2, 2008

May Day

I know it is past the first of May but I was wondering if children still make May Baskets and leave them on the doors of people (especially elderly)? I remember doing this as a child and it was always fun to think we were leaving a beautiful surprise on someones doorstep. I am kind of old fashion.......I hope kids still do this.....?
The dresses Sarah wore to the flower fields were made by a friend of mine Deb. She always makes the most adorable things for Sarah.......Breathing Beside Us


TONYA said...

How sweet, I'd never heard of May baskets before ... guess what tradition I will be adopting next year :)

Thanks for the link to your friend Deb, I always love what you dress Sarah in.

DeHan said...

Annapolis, Maryland did May baskets. Here in Germany May Day is Father's Day!

LOVE the dress from the flower fields

Rhonda said...

I had heard about the May baskets, but did not realize you would possibly drop them on doorsteps. How wonderful to do that for the elderly. I am going to try and do that with my kids this week.

I love the pictures of Sarah.

Breathing Beside Us said...

Cn I PLEASEEEEEE post this picture on my Blog?
I LOVE it sooooo much!