Monday, May 19, 2008

Life as a San Diego Beach Girl.......

What a great life.......beach day with our friends, Sea World, Breakfast with the Sesame Street gang...........all in the same weekend. Life is good.

We, along with three other family friends, had breakfast with Elmo this weekend. It was so great to watch the girls faces light up when Big Bird and Elmo came walking in. Sarah is clutching Daddy in this picture but I think it is a combination of joy , amazement and a small dash of fear. She got her "groove on" during the rest of the morning.

I just finished The Last Lecture .......about Randy Pausch and couldn't help but think of him and his courageous story as I was enjoying family and friends this weekend. I hope to follow in his footsteps and be more of a "Tigger" though life and less of an "Eore".......... Blessings to you Randy.


DeHan said...

Aidan was the same age as Sarah when we lived in San Diego. I was thinking about what a great place it is for that age group. I am so glad you are enjoying it! I know we sure did. Germany is not so bad either!

Sonya said...

What great pictures AGAIN!!! You must have a quick finger!!! AND and adorable 'model'!!!! I totally would give that little girl anything she wanted....especially if it was covered in syrup! ;)

Much love!