Monday, June 9, 2008


I don't let myself go here very often but after reading my friend Tonya's blog it got me thinking about our decision to only have one child. We tried for many years to have Sarah before we turned to science to help us out. Once we decided to go for it we jumped right into IVF (a long hormonal journey)that brought us Sarah. We feel so blessed and 95% of the time I am content with our decision to only have one child but I think tonight I am in the 5% portion. Not much to write about it ....I am not sad I am just hoping we made the right decision.

I found this card in Seattle waiting for a ferry home after a IVF appt. and I will always remember that feeling of hoping we got a BINGO!!..........and we did!!


TONYA said...

Honey, I had no idea.

Whatever decision you have made is the right decision for you. I'm sorry if reading my blog post made you got to 'that' place and think about things.

Big hugs.

Ashley said...

I think your family is absolutely perfect Dana :) Sarah is such a sweet and wonderful girl, and you and Paul are great parents! She is such a lucky girl! HUGS!!!!!! I always thought I would have more than two children, but after how hard this pregnancy has been I am definitely sticking with two. I am sad Jayda won't have a sister, but you have to make decisions that are right for YOU!!! :) HUG!!!

Havefaith said...

Hello my darling daughter Dana,
I don't always get to your blog every day, but am so glad that I looked in today.
God was sooooooooooooooo good to us, to bring us our Sarah Gene.
Know that we are where we are suppose to be in this life.
Sarah will have the love and relationship with her cousin, and cousins, which last a lifetime.
I prayed so long for you to have a baby, and so thankful that you received a perfect ANGEL.
I love you honey,
Your Mom

Grammy Staffy said...

Well you surely did hit the jack pot with your darling Sarah.

I have 2 daughters who have had infertility problems. It took my Mindy 9 years to have her 1st baby.... now she has 3. After years of failed infertility proceedures she gave up and she had 3. Go figure???
Now my Erin is trying without success to have a baby. They started the paper work with an adoption agency yesterday. They want a baby so badly.

Only you can know what is right for you. If you do have another child I'm sure he/she would be darling too. Follow the feelings of your heart...and have faith that God knows what is best for you. I'm glad that you were blessed with your sweet Sarah.

Barley Family said...

Ahhh Dana, just wanted to send you a hug :) Let's take a photo like the card you found but of you, Paul, and Sarah :) She is truly a little angel!

Mobileholmes said...

Being in the same position, I understand COMPLETELY! Ava was a one try, one baby, and deciding to do it again when I was 30-10:*) just wasn't what I wanted to do. We just have to focus all the love we have into our very special daughters and always keep good friends and family takes a village:*)

And as I tell Ava, if you had a brother or sister, you wouldn't have as many pairs of shoes:*)

TUTU Monkey said...

Thank you to everyone that commented.....again, I am not I see friends have more children I just wonder and hope we are making the right choice....I trust that we are going in the right direction.

You are right Kaite......Sarah will have probably more "boots". I had to hide the wool winter boots to avoid daily drama....:)