Monday, June 23, 2008

Front Row!!

Another Coronado Concert in the Park this past Sunday........I couldn't pass posting this picture of Sarah. She moved her chair to have a better view and a perfect dance spot........she didn't seem too concerned about her parents....hmmmm.


Saina said...

That is just way too adorable!!! What a clever girl.

Anonymous said...

love this !


i'm kelly said...

she's a cutey! btw, i got your package while i was out of town. but i'm going to try to resist opening it, until mine to you is all packaged and sent off on it's merry little way!

thank you!

TONYA said...

That is just too cute. She cracks me up. Such a little personality.

Okay and totally jealous that you got your package out in the mail already. Darn you for being so organized. I must get finished with mine too.