Monday, June 23, 2008

Memory Monday

I missed Flashback , to stay somewhat consistent I thought I would throw in a Memory Monday. This is a picture of my Grandpa at his 90th Birthday Party back in 1999/2000. He was born 9/2/10.......amazing to think of all the changes he saw in his lifetime. I would love to have him make pancakes and sit in his (and my Grandmas) back sun room ( that he built ) and talk about the days events (Of course he could not eat pancakes until he had his daily bowl of pineapple ) .

I was so blessed to have him in my life..... he was one of my best friends. Getting to know him in my adulthood was so special. Things that make me smile when I think of my Grandpa...
* owned his own roofing company ( was on roofs up until his 80's....yikes)

* wine making and entering it in the fair (starting in his 80's)
* "Jingle Bells " played every time this lights were turned on in the basement....he was ALWAYS tinkering with something.....he was an inventor....he had a few patents and enjoyed "figuring out " things.

* singing in a quartet until he was 91 (he like to sing for"old people" at nursing homes)

* baking his own bread

* dedicating his life to making his Ruthie happy (married 67 years)

* wearing toupees...that he ordered through the mail (can you imagine).......thought hair made him look younger
* in his later years always wore suspenders and a bolo tie

* loved being with family....helping family.... he was another good listener in my life ( my Dad was too)

This list could go on, and was fun focusing on him today! Hope you have a WONDERFUL Monday!


Grammy Staffy said...

What a wonderful memory and a sweet sweet story about your grandfather. Thank you for sharing.

Mobileholmes said...

My Great Uncle Sam who lived on Falcon St. in San Diego always wore a bolo tie too, so thanks for letting me have a great memory too!

TONYA said...

Wow, what an amazing man. I bet he had some fabulous stories to share.

I'm just picturing him now in his toupee, suspenders and tie. How sweet.

Thank you for sharing your grandpa with us :)

Havefaith said...

Dana, It was wonderful reading your blog today about my Daddy.
He was a once in a lifetime.
I remember the time you stopped by their house unexpectedly and he was streaking from the kitchen to the bedroom...........You told me that was more than you needed to see in a lifetime...........hee
So glad that your families had a great weekend.
Love you,
Mom and Dick