Saturday, June 7, 2008

I am a goat!

I felt like this goat tonight........Sarah is staying up later and later. She is sleeping in longer in the mornings but (whew) tonight I just wasn't up for one more dance.

I always appreciate a cute goat. They hang around with sheep put they always seem to have a little more fun...possibly get in a little more trouble. If you are ever looking for an adorable goat card go to this etsy site Nature Mandala's she has wonderful things.


rayraygirls said...

Dana, you are way cuter than this goat. I finally put some new pics on our blog. Don't laugh but they are from my phone. can't even find that charger online!! So unhappy!

Grammy Staffy said...

How did you do the word bubbles? They are so cute. What a fun blog.

I know how you feel with Sarah staying up later and later. Our little Austin ,that we keep one or two days each week, is doing the same thing. Last week it was almost 10 and he was still going strong. Mindy says he is tired and in bed by 8 at home..... so what is the story when he stays with Grammy and Grampy?

By the way, my Mom used to raise goats. She told me fun stories about how cute and silly they could be.....However, there was one time that they got out of their pen and ate the clothes she had hanging on the line. She didn't think they were so cute that day.

Thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog. It means a lot to me.

Havefaith said...

Dana, Dana, this picture is sooooooooooo cute. Just had to pop in and let you know I miss you and love you,
Your Mommy

TONYA said...

I love it, you are so creative with your photos.

Now tell Sarah that I order her to go to bed at a decent time tonight and if she does I'll have syrup waiting when I see her ... I may even brave Ihop again and take her ha ha.

TONYA said...

Check out my blog post today .. there may be a pleasant surprise there for you 'best looking blogger'.

Mobileholmes said...

Fab photo! Ava got naps taken away at three due to the stay-up-late thing...maybe Sarah is just more mature:*)

TUTU Monkey said...

Nooooooooo naps are not going away......nooooooo...please tell me nooooo...:0